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Past Projects

Microwave units developed at Thales

(This is not the full list of all the units)

Broadband amplifier

Broadband (5-10GHz) pre-amplifier with 30dBm output power to drive a traveling wave tube (TWT).

Radar Jamming detector

The radar jamming detector is useful in cases where the radar system is being jammed. The radar operator is "blind" but with this unit it is possible to determine the direction of the Jammer.

Vector modulator

The vector modulator is used in a single antenna FMCW radar system to cancel out the reflections of nearby objects.

Microwave distribution network

Microwave distribution networks for phased array antennas, consisting of Wilkinson splitters.

Three channel downconverter

Three channel low noise downconverter with built-in high power limiter for a monopulse radar system.

Limiter, LNA and L0 distribution network

Limiter, LNA and L0 distribution network design for a S-band reciever array.

Other developed RF units

Zigbee frontend

This Zigbee frontend was developed for a dimmer and sensor combination.
ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios , such as wireless light switches with lamps, consumer electronics equipment via short-range radio needing low rates of data transfer. The technology defined by the ZigBee specification is intended to be simpler and less expensive than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth. ZigBee is targeted at radio-frequency (RF) applications that require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking.
More information about Zigbee you can find here:

WiFi en Bluetooth Frontend

Dual band WiFi and Bluetooth frontend design for a Pendant from evresys.

Inhouse developed tooling

RF & Microwave Toolbox

This is a RF & Microwave tool box for an Android mobile device.
See web site for more information.


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