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At the moment is a one-person organization. On April 1st 2008 I started as a Freelance Microwave Engineer.
Customer up to now were,Thales Netherlands, Benchmark, Philips and Lumaid.

About Faust Nijhuis

After my study, Technical Physics, I started as a junior designer at Holland Signaal App BV. (Now Thales Netherlands).
In the eight years as a microwave designer I have gained experience in designing Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC). Look here for examples of projects I have worked on. All these units can consist of Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, filters, mixers, couplers, detectors, frequency doublers etc.

In those eight years, the design tooling heavily changed. When I started in 1987 at Signaal the only design tools were a Smith Chart and Philpac (Philips simulation tool).
A few years later came EEsof's TOUCH STONE (Libra) and MDS / ADS and Agilent Momentum and HFSS of Ansoft.
With the introduction of these tools it became necessary to set up a design flow, automation plans on Methodology, techniques, tools and interfaces between the various tooling and production.

After eight years of design work, I switched to the Design Automation Division to keep me busy with the above work.
This meant that I had to know about, amongst others UNIX, C / C++, perl, java,  tcl / tk, DDL / AEL and later with the introduction of PC's, dos, Microsoft Windows, vbs, Linux and cygwin.

After another six years I left Thales and started working for a consultancy organisation Dizain-Sync. Dizain-Sync is specialized in Electonic Design Automation (no microwave design) and this was a way to make contact with other companies.
My first job was to customize the design environment (Dx-Designer) at ASML. Also Thales was interested in my services, first for Design Automation services, and later they asked me if I wanted to do microwave design work (a three channel downconverter for a monopuls radar) because there was a temporary shortage of Microwave Designers. And now I am still designing and do some design support and EDA on the side.
From July 2009 to May 2010 I also did some work as a microwave test engineer at the Thales production site because they were shorthanded.
This past year (2010) i spent a lot of time developing my Android App.
From December 2011 to April i workt at Benchmark, re-designing a Zigbee frontend which will comply with EMC standards.

See the Past_Projects page for the products/projects I have worked on.


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